The book has now starting to be received by my customers

Here comes all the reviews for my new Fighter Profile book that I´ve got to date, check them out please:

I am not aware of another aviation profile artist certainly one of Claes standing, feeling the need to up date what is a previous and relatively recent published work. Many of the profiles that form this basis of the new volume received the Sundin treatment in "Luftwaffe Fighter Aircraft" that launched this new series. I suppose the question has to be asked why and is it worth it to see some of the same machines in an updated presentation? As the owner of both volumes I can confirm the answer is a resounding yes.
So just what is new and different? Apart from the obvious hard cover presentation, to begin with, each profile now benefits from the edition of explanatory captions regarding either unit, pilot or aircraft history. Some feature explanation of camouflage details and RLM colour references. While all of the previously published aircraft have undergone updating, quite a few feature new interpretations of their appearance. A different interpretation of Von Werra's famous 109E is an example. Also the depiction of Wick's 109 at a date later than the profile in the earlier edition, confirms the value of this new edition. Some times the new interpretations pertain to new ideas regarding the tactical and personal markings of individual aircraft. Some details may challenge previous ideas.
Complementing the revised profiles is a collection of new aircraft, a beautiful depiction of a 109 F4, White 10 of Joseph Priller, being my personal favourite of this aspect of the volume. This new volume really does stand alone as great representation of the aircraft flown by the Luftwaffe aces at various stages of their combat careers, including their lesser and more familiar known machines.
All volumes in this series feature an introductory discussion of aspects of the Luftwaffe and so with this one. Very interesting to consider the question of over claiming air victories on the status of some of the aces and their role willing or unwilling in the Nazi propaganda machine. Still, the staggering odds that confronted the Jagdwaffe as the war progressed and the relentless loss of new and expert pilots continues to defy the imagination.
The last page, featuring a rendition of a JU88 in the newly discovered blue 83 colour, complete with wellenmuster camouflage portends that another gorgeous presentation is in the works. Can't wait.
Chris Martin/Australia
I was not fortunate enough to pick up Claes Sundin's "Luftwaffe Fighter Aircraft, A Limited Edition" when it first came out in 2010, so I was extremely pleased when he announced he would come out with an updated version in 2016. While the waiting for Claes' books is never easy, they are always worth it and this one is no exception. Having purchased several of his books (including his older ones published by Schiffer Publishing), I have watched his artwork grow in many ways with detail, variety, and substance being key ingredients. His lines are sharper, the colors crisper, the detail is more defined, and his profile descriptions more informative.
Many of the top German aces have a profile in this book, and all the top units are represented as well. But I like the little-known units and pilots the best as they often have the unit and personal markings which are just not seen very often. Unit emblems, personal badges and victory markings are all well-represented here and make this book a great treat for someone like myself who loves color profiles of World War II-era aircraft. Can't wait until his next one comes out later this year!
Marc Tavasci/USA
Hi Claes
Received your book all I can say that it is fantastic full of great profiles and the info with each profile is very interesting I'm a very happy customer.
Thank you very much for the print much appreciated
Karl Tatendurst/Ireland
Hey, Claes!
It's all good; Profile Book #6 finally arrived today. Worth the wait! Beautiful work (as usual) and some very exciting and colorful subjects. Many are subjects that I intend to build in 1/48, and it's always great to see your "take" on how these aircraft appeared.
Thanks again! Fantastic book.
Gordon Neufang/USA
Hi Claes,
Have just received my copy of Profile Book No.6, and can I say, it is 'most excellent'. Firstly the chapter concerning Luftwaffe Aces is a well balanced piece of writing, explaining how the incredible number of victories were achieved. This was not without 'personal cost' Heinz Bär is a good example - a fine piece of writing. I have your original edition of this book and the difference is remarkable. Profile book No.6 gives an excellent feeling of aircraft that have been flown, worn, chipped, and lived in. The challenge is to translate this into 1/48th. scale modelling!! Finally the 'size' comparison is most useful, and I look forward to 'Bombers' and - perhaps- a book dedicated to Fw190's.

Dennis Savage/Great Britain
I finally received your excellent Luftwaffe Profile No.6 just last week and have gone through it and have done a side-by-side comparison with your original Luftwaffe Fighter Aircraft. What a great edition with all the new and updated profiles. The little historical footnotes about each aircraft and who flew them and the dates add a new dimension to the profiles and a life/human element. A personnel touch so to speak. Absolutely fantastic work. I did not get a chance to say something about profile no.5 ­ The Night Fighters. One word ­ incredible, packed with great profiles.
Keep up the great work. If you get a chance something on the RAF bombers would be very interesting and I know you would done the subject justice.
Many thanks,

Derek Gibbons/Bermuda
This is Derek's impressive collection of my books, in fact there is just one book missing the German Edition of "Luftwaffe Fighter Aircraft in Profile". Photo: Derek Gibbons
Hi Claes
Just a few words to say how much I enjoyed your new book, excellent profiles , well researched and well presented , One of my best Christmas presents, I received this year.
Thank you and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

John Johnson/United Kingdom
Hi Claes,
Many thanks, Volume 6 landed on my door step this morning, I'm half way through already...superb!!, thank you again,
Danny Brophy/Great Britan
Hello Claes! I have received today the book n 6 . I think that this book is the best of all from the title (Luftwaffe Fighters Aicrafts) in quality and maturity. Yours talent in profiles works as a 3D printer, I have to notice the accuracy of yours profiles. For example profile no 123 which has yellow spinner instead of red which has in all it's presentations, same case with no 108 of Luftwaffe Attack Aircrafts, which in it's presentations has red 2, but the truth is green 2 as yours as a stab aircraft it was. The value of the work you are doing, has no need for many or fat words, It speaks for itself. I am a strong fan of Claes and I'll say continuously, That you are the NO 1 aviation profile artist and my friends do not missed that book, no 6. Last I can only dreamed what about you are preparing with book no 7. Have a prosperous new year my freind ,
Stamtios Vordonins/Greece
Dear Claes,
Thank for your prompt shipment. I just received the book last night, Christmas eve. The book is wonderful and good for my Chrismas present. I am waiting for your next work in 2017.
Best regards,
Hirotaka Fujita/Japan
Hi Claes,
This new book is wonderful. The profiles are superb and the caption very appropiate. Every book from Claes is even better than the preceding, although that is very difficult, he has done it again. I love all these profiles, every plane look like they are really ready to flight. Besides I didn´t get the Limited Edition of Luftwaffe Fighter Aircraft, so this book is the perfect redress.
As usual, the worst thing is that we have to wait until next summer to see the next book (Bombers, it sound very well). And a wish, Claes don´t forget the "Axis Fighter Aircraft" book.

Merry Cristmas Claes. And thanks for your signing the book. Best.

Eduardo Gil/Spain
your book arrived at the beginning of this week, a beautiful book! As an owner of all your books I compared the book from 2010 with the Golden Edition. Things I missed in the first edition were the binding, I prefer hardcover, and the comments. Now my "wishes" are fulfilled!
Many profile in this book are improved, look at No118, the WerkNr. is corrected and the colours are better printed, A new profile is the Me 262 from Anton Schöppler, a war weary camouflage looks very authentic, and the story about the pilot is very interesting. The profile no.120 is of special interest for Austrian readers, one of the Me 262 which landed in Innsbruck with a nice comment. A remarkable correction is made on the profile no.109 (old no.114) Me 262 from KG(J)6 with an interesting story. Some new aircrafts are pictured as Me 163, Do 335 and He 162. The size comparison is useful.
I think this is the best profile book up to now and is very recommended! From great interest is the announcement of the next book, the Ju 88 on the cover is a very interesting aircraft with an outstanding camouflage.
Looking forward to many books to come!
Harald Dorner/Austria
Dear Claes,
thank you for this great work and art ! I got it last Saturday and every day I spend time to read and look at. I am really excited. All of the 126 profiles are great art, details, colour and overall picture. Including the insignias in detail is additionally high value.
Outstanding are the explanations at each of the 126 profiles. The reader gets historical background and circumstances of the time about the plane. And, what I like very much, is the flavour you bring into the text with your knowledge having been in contact with many of the pilots.
Thanks and best regards
Manfred Wollmann/Germany
Hello Claes
The profile Book no 6 arrived today. This is a great new edition with splendid profiles and information. Very well detailed and executed with excellent separation of colors. I really appreciate and like your latest effort. Top notch job.
Dimitri Vrettos/Greece
Hi Claes,
WOW it's a very beautiful book : with plenty of my favorite luftwaffe fighters TA 152 and DO 335 !!! You work is going better and better, BRAVO !
I wish you a merry christmas .... and a happy new year.
"Ride to live, live to ride"Dear Claes.
Serge Bouygues/France

I have just received the last of your superb profiles book, the Golden Edition, as usually great shipment service, incredible profile quality improving a lot the old drawings and the new texts including are really helpful and a feature to be maintained for the next books. The change of the two pages profiles of the former limited edition to the standard profile on one page only is also an improvement on the quality.
A perfect and just on time Xmas gift.
Best regards and waiting again for the next one
Jose Luis Faust/France

Hi Claes,
Profilbok No. 6 arrived Friday, the 16th in perfect condition. Many thanks. Has had take me some time to read the book and its very good. I especially appreciate profiles from the last desperate months, and the first known of Names 109's (Priller in 109!).
Fabulous Swallows and Comets, Hartmann's Bilanz not forget (because it is you I trust it).
I will return with a more nuanced review.
Rolf Kant/Sweden
Hi Claes
The book has arrived and I really enjoyed myself for a few days.
Just want to say that you've done it again!
Did not think you could improve anymore compared with the previous book.
But you have- the profiles are as superb as before, but it was very good to add a long text for each profile. The "date" and "place" profile and provide a more explanatory text about the events at that time is the peak. It just makes the profile even more vibrant.
To show the degree designations are also fantastic. Not all readers have well studied this special - now get this good-looking information for free.
The initial text of the German pilots and their conditions compared with the Western Allies are very good and of great value to understand these "expert" and their terms.
And, size comparison between the plan is simply amazing - because there are very few aircraft left to study in real life, it's great to be able to compare the different types in this way.
If there is anything more to wish for the future books, it is a map with the different air bases marked. Since you often indicates where pilots / planes are based, it would be of great value to see these and their relative positioning. And this of course also for the Allied bases.
Once again - a fantastic book.
Janne Carlsson/Sweden
Hi Claes
I got the book to day, thank you, and I love it. Definitely your best work yet. The Do 335 in the scale page is surprisingly huges.
Love the profiles, they are really popping out in details. The stories under each profile are absolutely must and gives them a hole new meaning for the readers. The paper quality in the book is outstanding with thick paper sheets
Congratulations with this masterpiece, looking forward to your next book
Gudmundur Haraldsson/Iceland
Dear Claes, now Santa Claus has arrived!
At first glance, the book is really beautiful, but I have to watch calmly.
I wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.
Andrea Giamperoli/Italy
Right on time!
Once again it seems to be a great work! Changes in the second edition are worth it! Do 335 M13 is excellent!!
I'm going to have a closer look those days.
Merry Christmas to you Cleas!
Antoine Nikollag/France
Received Today Thanks... I add a short feedback:
One more exciting reference on the wonderful path of colour WW2 profiles ,traced by Mr Claes Sindin.
Print quality is first class and each profile is based on strict historical research. I have in my library every Claes' reference and i am looking forward the next one !!!
A real must for every modeller and history of aviation enthusiast.
Well Done Claes !!!
Ferdinando Pampuri/Italy
Profile Book Golden Edition has arrived in perfect condition, thanks!
If, as usual, amazed introducing the nice profiles, they just gets better and better! Good foreword on ace / expert informative and packed with facts.
The Size Comparison with the various planes are interesting (Do335 is a really large aircraft).
It is also nice with some new profiles, the Do 335 plus the Me 163, especially the latter because in my opinion, an acute shortage of good profiles of this small rocket-egg.
Have even brought profiles between the first release and see a lot of differences: Other color choices, brighter shades, "Better" separation between colors + different markings mm. the RLM 65 is now more clear. The entire "late war" colors (81, 82, (76)) are better represented.
Profile no. 112 jumps forward as one in my opinion good forewarning of "very late war" painting, a pick-up from different contractors with all different camouflage color (or lack of color). World class !! Should also mention the fine "weathering" of the profiles, especially one of the Me 262 that really look well-worn out. Like also the information about the next profilbok: an aircraft in BLUE RLM 83 !!
Really looking forward to the next book, and thanks for the personal touch.
Jonas Lindström/Sweden


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